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Resourceful, minimalist packaging, earth-friendly vermicompost and gardening products. We’ll help you get started vermicomposting and contribute to your gardening success.

Kitchener, Ontario

Our Products

We sell red wiggler vermicompost worms to get you started on your composting journey, along with finished vermicompost and compost teas to contribute to your gardening and growing pursuits!

Red Wiggler Vermicompost Worms

Worm Castings

Soil Amendment

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Vermicompost Tea


Worm Wrangler: Amanda

I’ve been vermicomposting for 10+ years. I have a B.S.A. with a soil science major and an M.Sc. in soil physics.

I’m excited to help you get started with vermicomposting, fishing, gardening, house plants, etc. I’ve found no end to the value and use of these critters and their benefit for plant fertility and soil health.

Amanda lying on the ground in front of a pile of vermicompost.
OUR FARM Mission

Reduce Waste. Feed Soil.
Grow Better. Live Sustainably.

Red Wiggler Worms in Vermicompost

Vermicompost is a way of composting using earth worms to speed up the process. There are tons of reasons to do this:

  • Finished compost is awesome for garden and house plants.
  • Reduce household waste.
  • Red wigglers reproduce easily and are awesome pets.
  • Vermicompost bins are easy to maintain (about 10 min/week).
  • They are a great way to compost in small spaces (apartments)
  • Worms add a lot to outdoor composters and gardens.
  • Composting is a great way to involve kids in caring for our earth.
  • It’s fun!

Featured Services

Check out my products: worms, castings and compost tea.
Ask me about consultation, education and extension. I love to share my passion for sustainability. soil and worms with school groups, homeschooled kids and community organizations.

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