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Resourceful, minimalist packaging, earth-friendly vermicompost and gardening products. We’ll help you get started vermicomposting and contribute to your gardening success.

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Discover the wonders of vermicomposting and let our red wiggler worms help get you started! You’ll also find finished compost, as well as vermicompost teas packed with beneficial nutrients to help your plants thrive!

red wiggler worms

Red Wiggler Vermicompost Worms

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Worm Castings

Soil Amendment

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How-To workshops

Amanda, Worm Wrangler

Worm Wrangler: Amanda

Amanda Hunter is the Worm Wrangler! She has both an M.Sc. and B.S.A. in soil science! Amanda’s passions lies in exploring soil health and ecology, minimizing contributions to landfill, and sharing about composting with kids and adults. She thrives on empowering people to make positive changes in their community and the environment. Vermicomposting lies at an interesting intersection of soil, environment, community and curiosity. Amanda’s favorite thing to do is teach people about vermicomposting and how they can use it in their own lives to reduce their environmental impact.

Worm Wrangler Mission

Reduce Waste. Feed Soil.
Grow Community. Live Sustainably.

worms and dirt on wood
Red Wiggler Worm in Vermicompost

Vermicompost is a way of composting using earth worms. There are tons of reasons to do this:

  • Finished compost is awesome for garden and house plants.
  • Reduce household waste.
  • Red wigglers reproduce easily and are awesome pets.
  • Vermicompost bins are easy to maintain (about 10 min/week).
  • They are a great way to compost in small spaces (apartments)
  • Worms add a lot to outdoor composters and gardens.
  • Composting is a great way to involve kids in caring for our earth.
  • It’s fun!
Amanda, Worm Wrangler


Come explore the world of sustainability with me! My enthusiasm for soil and worms is contagious, so I love to share it with everyone. From homeschooled kids to school groups and community organizations, there’s something here for everybody – consultation services focusing on education and extension. Let’s get started today!

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