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Using Vermicompost in Soil for Starting Seeds in the Spring

Using vermicompost in your soil mix when starting seeds indoors can be an easy way to boost plant health while also reducing waste by recycling kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost. With its many benefits including improved nutrition, water retention and pest control, it’s definitely worth considering adding this “black gold” to your gardening routine this spring!

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Choosing Worm bedding: How To Vermicompost Part 2

This post discusses options, how and why to use bedding in your vermicompost system. This is the second of a 6-part series on getting started vermicomposting. The first post tackled factors to consider in choosing the physical setup for your vermicompost operation. If you’re new to vermicomposting, start here. Otherwise, read on for information and …

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Worm castings / Vermicompost

For those of us who have taken an interest in plants growing, in a garden, in a house, in a crack in the pavement; you, too, may have found yourself on a mission to help your plant babies thrive indoors and out, for esthetics, fresher air, delicious food or just clean fun! The key to healthy plants is healthy soil. One way to promote soil health is to add worm castings or vermicompost, sometimes called black gold. Here is a good overview of what worm castings are; how and why to use them; and how to get your own worm castings.

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