Farming Foodies @ Stratford Perth Museum

Farming Foodies at Stratford Perth Museum

Event Date:

February 17, 2024

Event Time:

2:00 pm

Event Location:

Waterford District High School

Saturday, Feb. 17 2024 2 – 3:30 PM
In celebration of Canada’s Agriculture Day, the Stratford Perth Museum will be hosting local families from the farm to offer their expertise and stories that connect our food to the fields of our community. This year, we welcome Amanda Peer from The Andersons Canada company, and Amanda Hunter, the Worm Wrangler, to lead conversations and demonstrations on local seed to sprout methods, soil science, the equine industry, and offer gardening and agricultural products.
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Event Location:

  • Waterford District High School
  • 227 Main St. S.
  • Waterford
  • ON
  • N0E1Y0
  • CAN

Event Schedule Details

  • February 17, 2024 2:00 pm
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