African Night Crawlers – Small Dew Worms


Don’t miss out on your next big catch! Get your hands on a pack of African Night Crawlers today and get ready to show off your prizes!

12 worms for $3.99+tax



Welcome fishermen! We’ve got the perfect fishing bait for you – African Night Crawlers – small dew worms that will attract the big catch. These dew worms may be a bit smaller than the Canadian Night Crawler, but don’t let that fool you. African Night Crawlers are just the right size to get the big fish interested.

Fishermen have reported that African Night Crawlers attract a wide variety of species, including crappies, bass, catfish, and more! Plus, these little dew worms are really easy to use because they stay on the hook better than many other bait. So, you won’t have to waste your time re-baiting every few minutes. You’ll spend more time catching prizes and less time tying your line.

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