We Do Presentations and Tours of Our Worm Farm

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In House – At The Worm Farm

We host presentations and tours of our worm farm. This is perfect for school groups and day camps. We offer the following experiences:

Worm Farm Visit

Perfect for school, day camp, and homeschool groups. Guests can get hands on with the worms and learn all about how they help things grow.

How To Set Up Your Own Vermicompost Bin

This one-on-one session with one of our worm farmers will get you started with vermicomposting. Let us teach you how to put your worms to use!

Vermicomposting Consultation (remote)

Got Questions? Schedule a 15 minute phone or video consultation with one of our vermicomposting experts.

Off Site – We Come To You!

We will come to your class and discuss soil science and how Red Wiggler worms benefit our soil. And yes, we’ll bring worms!

Vermicomposting Demonstration

Let’s talk about the life stages of red wigglers, what their finished compost looks like and how it’s used. This will give you lots of insight about the benefits of composting.

Getting Started With Vermicomposting

We’ll stop by and help you create your own vermicomposting solution, and make rich, healthy soil.

Worm Farm Visit

We’ll show you the life stages of red wigglers, what their finished compost looks like and how it’s used. This will give you lots of insights on how to go about your own composting journey. This is a great trip for homeschooled kids.

We’ll set you up with 1/2 lb of red wigglers, 1 bag of shredded cardboard bedding to start your own compost journey.

Cost is $75 + HST.

a child getting hands on with vermicompost
hands holding vermicompost

How To Set Up Your Own Vermicompost Bin

Come for a one-on-one session and learn how to work with worms and get started vermicomposting.

We’ll provide you with some with worms, and show you how to take care of them. A happy, healthy worm community is what great soil is made of.

Let us teach you to be a worm farmer.

Vermicomposting Consultation (remote)

If you are already enjoying the benefits of vermicomposting, but have some questions, we can arrange a 15 minute or longer consultation.

We will connect with you by video conference or a phone call, help you diagnose problems and offer expert advice to help you maintain healthy worms and high quality vermicompost.

the worm wrangler
worms in dirt in a hand

Vermicomposting Demonstration (Off-Site)

We love visiting classrooms and educating people of all ages about worms and vermicomposting.

During this session, we’ll learn all about how worms live, and how they give us nutrient packed, healthy soil.

You’ll get hands on with the worms too!

Getting Started With Vermicomposting (Off-Site)

Fast track your vermicomposting project with a visit from the Worm Wrangler.

We’ll setup an instructional session to get your class or group vermicomposting like seasoned pros, and start a healthy worm community.

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