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Vermicompost tea in canning jar

The power of vermicompost tea

The what, why and how of using vermicompost tea to help your garden, houseplants and yard thrive What is Vermicompost tea? Compost teas are extracted from compost using water. The…

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worm castings vermicompost used in starting seeds

Worm castings / Vermicompost

For those of us who have taken an interest in plants growing, in a garden, in a house, in a crack in the pavement; you, too, may have found yourself…
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How to Wrangle Your Own Red Wigglers!

Starting out vermicomposting can be very exciting, but also daunting if you’re new to it. Here are the most important things to know to get started composting with earthworms. Why…

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The Why of Vermicompost?

Purpose in environmental initiatives is key. For me, if my intentions are too lofty I can find myself easily overwhelmed or defeated. This is a bit about how my interest…

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