European Nightcrawlers – Trout Worms


European Nightcrawlers are the perfect bait for a successful fishing trip – Red Worms!

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European Nightcrawlers are ideal for trout fishing. Their size is perfect for creating interest in the trout, ensuring a higher strike rate. Our worms are packed with nutrients, providing the perfect two-for-one of a delicious snack and a hearty energy boost for the trout. The worms smell delicious, but also don’t leave any residue that would alert other fish to the temptation.

Unlike other common bait worms, these European Nightcrawlers are proven to work. Their size and color are just the right mix to entice the trout into a bite without dispensing any foul odors in the water, giving fishermen the perfect bait to bring home a good catch. European Night Crawlers are also much hardier than other bait worms and can survive longer in the warmer summer waters, making them a great choice all season long.

We are determined to provide the best fishing bait for all fishermen and fisherwomen out there, and with our European Nightcrawlers you can’t go wrong. There’s no better bait for successful trout fishing – try them out next time you’re out on the water!

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24 Worms, 1/4 lb, 1/2 lb, 1 lb

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