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  • Hungry Bin
    Worm Bin

    Hungry Bin Vermicompost Bin

    $399.99 Add to cart

    The Hungry Bin creates an ideal living environment for compost worms. The worms quickly convert organic waste into castings and a nutrient-rich liquid, which are both high-quality natural fertilizers.

  • vermicompost worm castings

    Vermicompost Worm Castings

    $34.99$59.99 Select options

    Vermicompost adds nutrients, beneficial microbes and organic matter to boost soil health and help plants thrive.

  • Red wiggler worms
    Vermicompost Worms

    Red Wiggler Compost Worms With Active Bedding

    $24.99$39.99 Select options

    Looking for a great way to start your own vermicompost system? Then check out our red wiggler vermicompost starter community! It comes with everything you need to get started, including red wigglers at a variety of ages and active bedding, with cocoons and a flourishing community of beneficial microbes and fungi to kick off your vermicompost adventure.

  • African Nightcrawler worms
    Bait Worms

    African Nightcrawler Worms

    $6.99$69.99 Select options

    African Nightcrawler (ANC) worms are a great choice for those interested in vermicomposting. They are large enough to also be a good option for those interested in raising their own fish bait.

  • hands full of vermicompost worms vermicompost workshop
    Bait Worms

    Canadian Night Crawlers – Dew Worms

    $4.99 Add to cart

    Make your next fishing trip an easy one with Canadian Night Crawlers – Dew Worms. We promise our bait won’t let you down. Give us a try and we guarantee you won’t regret it!

  • Coco Coir 5 Kg
    Vermicomposting Inputs

    Coco Coir

    $9.99$39.99 Select options

    Use Coco Coir as an alternative to peat. This makes a useful bedding for vermicompost worms and is a great addition to potting soil mixes.

  • Eco Wool Natural Soil Builder Bag Front
    Natural Fertilizer

    Eco Wool – Natural Soil Enrichment

    $24.99 Add to cart

    Made with 100% raw wool, these pellets will add nutrients to your soil, increase soil aeration, reduce the amount of watering, and help your plants thrive.

    Providing a slow release source of fertilizer at an NPK rate of 10-0-3. A 1 kg covers approximately 20 – 25 square feet of garden.

    Eco wool is a great choice for adding nutrients and organic matter to soil and as a mulch!

  • European Nightcrawler Worms
    Bait Worms

    European Nightcrawlers – Trout Worms

    $6.99$69.99 Select options

    European Nightcrawlers are the perfect bait for a successful fishing trip – Red Worms!

  • Root Rescue Poster
    Natural Fertilizer

    Root Rescue Transplanter

    $17.49$24.99 Select options

    Use Root Rescue Transplanter whenever you plant Trees, Shrubs, Conifers, Perennials Annuals or Food Crops. Transplanter is an OMRI Canada Registered Organic Plant Starter.

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