How To Vermicompost Workshop

Red wiggler vermicompost worms in hand

Event Date:

June 2, 2024

Event Time:

1:00 pm

Event Location:

Soulful Studio - Home of Worm Wrangler

Sunday, June 2, 1-3 PM


This how to vermicompost workshop is perfect for anyone who is interested in reducing their food waste footprint, creating nutrient-rich compost for their plants, or just wants to learn more about these amazing creatures we call red wigglers. Come learn how to vermicompost! No experience necessary – all are welcome.

Join me for this vermicomposting workshop and learn how to turn your food scraps into valuable worm castings to help your garden and houseplants thrive! During this workshop, you will learn about the benefits of vermicomposting, how to set up a vermicomposting system, and tips for keeping your worms happy and healthy (and your worm bin for getting gross). We’ll set up your new vermicompost bin together, talking about each part that goes into it and how to manage each component going forward.

Registration cost includes:

Person holding vermicompost worms
Person holding vermicompost worms

You will also have the opportunity to see how I operate my larger vermicompost system and visit my red wiggler worm heard! I have been vermicomposting for over ten years, and growing this business for a few years. This hobby grew from my education in soil science. It has been an amazing journey. I am excited to share my knowledge and passion so that you can start vermicomposting too!

Kids and interested family members are enthusiastically invited to learn and participate in this workshop. By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to continue vermicomposting at home with confidence. Register now and join us for a fun and educational afternoon!

There are additional composting supplies available, along with a very happy collection of house plants in hand made macramé hangers for sale!

Are you passionate about vermicomposting and food waste reduction? Follow me on social media for all the latest vermicomposting news, tips, and tricks!

-Facebook: @WormWranglerCAN

-Instagram: @worm_wrangler_canada


Workshop Cancellation Policy:

If for any reason you cannot attend the workshop, please cancel your registration at least 48 hours in advance and we will be happy to issue a refund. If you need to cancel, please call (519) 577-8205 or email

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How to Vermicompost Workshop

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  • Soulful Studio - Home of Worm Wrangler
  • 154 Victoria St. S.
  • Kitchener
  • ON
  • N2G 2B5
  • Canada

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  • June 2, 2024 1:00 pm   -   3:00 pm
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