the Organic Council of Ontario: Why Worm Wrangler is a proud Member!

Organic agriculture is becoming a widespread practice across the world. A growing number of people are interested in knowing how their food is grown and produced, making organic farming an increasingly popular alternative. The Organic Council of Ontario (OCO) is a non-profit organization that promotes organic farming practices in Ontario. In this blog post, we will delve into what the OCO is and why Worm Wrangler is a proud member of the organization.

The OCO was established in 1990 and is a non-profit organization. It’s a vital part of the organic industry in Ontario. The Council’s purpose is to support the organic farming sector through information sharing and education, lobbying and advocacy, and marketing. The OCO contributes to the growth of organic agriculture by representing the voice of the organic community. By doing this, the OCO defends the rights of producers and consumers and provides continuous support to its members. Worm Wrangler is proud to support the OCO’s initiatives.

One of the main reasons why Worm Wrangler is a member of the OCO is that the organization connects producers and consumers, creating a friendly and interactive market. The OCO provides customers with a platform to find and locate organic producers in Ontario. This assistance has helped connect Canada’s organic farming community, promoting the benefits of organic agriculture. The community that has been created through OCO is integral in helping small-scale organic farmers to gain access to larger markets, ultimately enabling them to grow their businesses.

Another important reason why Worm Wrangler is a member of the OCO is that the organization is continually updating its members with the latest information regarding organic agriculture practices. The OCO offers a wealth of resources for all farmers, from practical advice to the provision of research data. These resources help farmers to improve their farming practices and become more productive. Worm Wrangler finds that the OCO has been a valuable source of information on advancements in organic farming technology.

cornfield and blue cloudy sky organic corn harvesting agriculture background

Worm Wrangler is also proud to be a part of an organization that advocates for public policies that support organic agriculture. Through lobbying and advocacy work, OCO members enjoy a unique opportunity to make their voices heard, influence policies, and ultimately drive organic agribusiness forward.

In conclusion, Worm Wrangler is proud to be a part of the OCO and to be able to support the organic farming sector through our membership. The OCO offers an array of services to organic farmers, ensuring they remain up-to-date in the rapidly changing industry, connecting them with markets, and advocating for policies that support a sustainable agricultural system. Becoming a member of the OCO allows Worm Wrangler the opportunity to participate in its many programs and initiatives, which ultimately helps us spread our message of sustainable agriculture. Being part of the OCO has elevated Worm Wrangler’s commitment to promoting locally-sourced organic produce, and we are excited to participate in the Guelph Organic Conference this year.

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