How the Hungry Bin Works: Benefits Over a Batch Tub Vermicomposting System

Diverting organics from landfills are an important step towards sustainability. Are you passionate about reducing waste, feeding the soil, and living sustainably? If you’ve already dipped your toes into vermicomposting with a Rubbermaid tub, you might be ready to upgrade to a more efficient and user-friendly system. Enter the Hungry Bin—a continuous flow vermicomposter that makes composting easier and more effective. Let’s dive into how the Hungry Bin works and why it might be the perfect next step for your composting journey.

Understanding the Hungry Bin

Hungry Bin
Hungry Bin cutaway

The Hungry Bin operates on a continuous flow-through system, which means it allows you to add food scraps continuously to the top, while harvesting nutrient-rich worm castings from the bottom. This design is both practical and efficient, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned composters.

Key Features of the Hungry Bin:

  • Continuous Flow Design: Unlike traditional systems, the Hungry Bin doesn’t require turning, mixing or separating worms from finished vermicompost.
  • Vertical Composting: Food scraps are added to the top, and the composting material naturally compresses and moves downward.
  • Easy Harvesting: Worm castings can be easily removed from the bottom without disturbing the worms or the composting process.
  • Large Capacity: The bin can handle substantial amounts of organic waste, making it suitable for households and small farms alike.

Benefits of the Hungry Bin Over a Batch Tub System

plastic bin with lid
plastic vermicompost bin with lid

While the Rubbermaid tub vermicomposting system is a great starting point, upgrading to the Hungry Bin offers several advantages:

1. Efficiency and Convenience

  • No More Messy Maintenance: With a Rubbermaid tub, you often have to manually turn the compost and separate the worms from the finished compost. The Hungry Bin’s continuous flow system eliminates this need, saving you time and effort.
  • Less Odor: The vertical design and efficient aeration of the Hungry Bin significantly reduce unpleasant odors, a common issue with enclosed Rubbermaid tubs.

2. Higher Yield of Worm Castings

  • Consistent Production: The Hungry Bin allows for the continuous addition of food waste, leading to a steady output of worm castings. This means more frequent harvesting and more compost for your garden.
  • Quality Compost: The design ensures that the compost is well-aerated and decomposed, resulting in higher-quality worm castings that are rich in nutrients.

3. Worm Health and Population Growth

  • Ideal Environment: The Hungry Bin provides a more stable environment for your worms, maintaining optimal moisture and temperature levels. This helps keep your worms healthy and productive.
  • Population Expansion: A healthier worm population means faster composting rates and increased production of vermicompost worm castings, benefiting your garden even more.

4. Space and Aesthetics

  • Compact Design: The vertical design of the Hungry Bin is a space efficient design. The wheels make it easy to move.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: The sleek, green design of the Hungry Bin is more visually appealing, blending seamlessly into a garden or backyard setting.


If you’re ready to take your vermicomposting to the next level, the Hungry Bin offers a host of benefits that make the upgrade worthwhile. Its efficiency, ease of use, and ability to produce high-quality compost set it apart from traditional Rubbermaid tub systems.

Ready to make the switch? Let Worm Wrangler help you get your hands on this innovative vermicomposting system and start your journey toward a more sustainable and productive composting experience.

Got questions? Reach out to Amanda at Worm Wrangler for personalized advice and support. Call 519-577-8205 or visit us at 154 Victoria St S, Kitchener, ON. Start your vermicomposting adventure today and contribute to a greener future!

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Join the vermicomposting revolution with the Hungry Bin! Whether you’re a seasoned composter or just getting started, this system will transform your efforts and help you achieve more with less hassle. Let’s grow a greener community together!

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