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  • Eco Wool Natural Soil Builder Bag Front
    Natural Fertilizer

    Eco Wool – Natural Soil Enrichment

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    Made with 100% raw wool, these pellets will add nutrients to your soil, increase soil aeration, reduce the amount of watering, and help your plants thrive.

    Providing a slow release source of fertilizer at an NPK rate of 10-0-3. A 1 kg covers approximately 20 – 25 square feet of garden.

    Eco wool is a great choice for adding nutrients and organic matter to soil and as a mulch!

  • Root Rescue Poster
    Natural Fertilizer

    Root Rescue Transplanter

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    Use Root Rescue Transplanter whenever you plant Trees, Shrubs, Conifers, Perennials Annuals or Food Crops. Transplanter is an OMRI Canada Registered Organic Plant Starter.

  • Gift Card image

    Worm Wrangler Gift Card

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    • The Worm Wrangler Gift Card is the perfect gift for eco-conscious friends and family who have everything.
    • It allows them to explore the world of vermicomposting and sustainable gardening.
    • Worm Wrangler is passionate about empowering individuals to make a positive impact on the environment through sustainable practices.
    • Their in-house workshops provide hands-on learning about vermicomposting and its benefits.
    • Along with workshops, they also offer live worms and vermicompost products that can be purchased with the gift card.
    • By giving this gift card, you’re contributing to a sustainable future by helping loved ones reduce waste, conserve resources, and create a greener world.
    • The Worm Wrangler Gift Card is suitable for any level of gardener or anyone who wants to make a positive impact on the planet.
    • Their friendly and enthusiastic team is ready to welcome recipients into the world of vermicomposting.
    • Giving this gift shows how much you care about your loved ones and the planet.

  • vermicompost worm castings

    Vermicompost Worm Castings

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    Vermicompost adds nutrients, beneficial microbes and organic matter to boost soil health and help plants thrive.

  • Humic Acid 500g and 100g
    Natural Fertilizer

    Humic Acid

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    Adding humic acid directly to soil can help increase its cation exchange capacity, providing a better environment for nutrients and water to be retained. And if you’re brewing compost tea, adding humic acid can give it a boost!

  • Kelp Meal natural fertilizer 100g and 500g sizes
    Natural Fertilizer

    Kelp Meal

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    Kelp Meal Fertilizer is a rich source of plant nutrients, especially potassium, which helps plants resist abiotic stress. Plus, the slow breakdown of kelp meal over time ensures long-term benefits.

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